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Misty – Impromptu Performance

December 9th, 2010

I was in Bermuda recently for a gig with some buddies. After our soundcheck and a lunch that they prepared for us, we noticed a grand piano just to the end of the hall. My buddy Carlos walked over and began to play and James joined in on the fun. I caught a little of it and here it is!

Working with “The Feel”

February 18th, 2010

JayeBerry and I have some incredible music coming your way really soon. We’re practically living in our studio right now creating new music. One of the artists that we’re working with is Stan Steam. He’s an awesome emcee and he took a moment in casual conversation to chat with us about working with “The Feel”. Check it out!

Stan Steam and “The Feel” from DetoxXx.Music on Vimeo.

Introducing JayeBerry and THE FEEL

January 11th, 2010

Around November 2009, I started getting that feeling.  You know that feeling – the one that makes sense out of the tugging on your heart and the churning in your gut.  The one that boosts your faith and helps you to believe without a doubt that your works will be fruitful…. yeah that’s the one!

The Feel artist JayeBerry

The Feel artist: JayeBerry

I’m a cog in a machine called “The Feel”.  We use our gifts and talents to create a fun, memorable, reflective,  and encouraging aural and visual experience.  Our basic premise is that people relate to what they can feel and that no musical experience should be devoid of substance.  No gimmicks, just heartfelt, passionate, creative expression in all that we do. » Read more: Introducing JayeBerry and THE FEEL